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Jack & Jones NOS Giacca in Jeans Uomo

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Jack & Jones NOS Giacca in Jeans Uomo

Jack & Jones NOS Giacca in Jeans Uomo: Abbigliamento. Jack & Jones NOS Giacca in Jeans Uomo: Abbigliamento. 99% Cotone, 1% Elastan 。 Stile scollo: Classico 。 Manica lunga 。 Denim 。 Giubbotto Jack & Jones da uomo, modello in denim jeans, comfort fit, realizzato in comodo cotone in tinta unita sul blu, con effetto leggermente delavè del tessuto, per un look vintage vissuto. Presenta una chiusura con bottoni, cuciture in rilievo color tabacco a contrasto di colore, tasche laterali a filetto, e due taschini sul petto con pattina e bottone che ne definiscono il dettaglio. 。 。 。

Jack & Jones NOS Giacca in Jeans Uomo

Jack /& Jones NOS Giacca in Jeans Uomo
Jack /& Jones NOS Giacca in Jeans Uomo








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Jack & Jones NOS Giacca in Jeans Uomo

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Calvin A. Nazar

President, Gatekeeper

Over the last 8 years, Calvin has built multiple businesses in web development, digital marketing, brand development, and now e-commerce. He is now fully involved in project management, creative directing, design and motion picture.

Jeff St-Louis

Partner, Developer

After graduating from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Engineering, Jeff started a web media business. Having experience in programming, voip, web design and project management, he now grows and scale medium to large scale businesses.

Kery Morell

Motion Picture & Photography

Give Kery your vision and he will run with you, taking you place you’ve never thought possible in terms of cinematography and visuals. Having worked with international latin artists, he is also signed to Sony Music France as a duo with his girlfriend Brenda.

Redgy Dorval

Ads Manager & Strategist

An expert in analytics, market research and advertising. His hub is Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin advertising. As an associate at Strangelov, he thrive on data every sigle day. Someone we can trust in give your brand/business leverage.


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Working with Strangelov means going beyond what you thought possible. The day I met them, I knew right away that I wanted to work with them. My project was not entirely clear. They helped me clarify it with so much rigour and patience. I will forever be grateful.

Nathalie Godin
Founder of CYMMA

Jack & Jones NOS Giacca in Jeans Uomo

Working with Strangelov has been a very smooth experience. Quick to communicate and make changes to fit our demands. From just a brief conversation with them, they was able to put together a website that fitted our vision, as well as matches our philosophy.

Sarah Anton
Co-founder of Astrofit

I highly recommend this company, they are attentive to our needs and very versatile in all projects, only a few phone calls and the magic in the works.

Chanel Nadeau
Founder of iDoggos
Jack & Jones NOS Giacca in Jeans Uomo
Jack & Jones NOS Giacca in Jeans Uomo: Abbigliamento.